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Have a lovely February break!  See you all on Monday 25th February.                                                                                                                                 
Welcome to Foundation Stage!
Owlet Class
Mrs Kelk and Mrs Macias
Cygnet Class 
Mrs Power 
Gosling Class
Mrs Crosfill
 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Towler, Mrs Puplett and Mrs Yarrow
Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Park
SENCO: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Collins 
Office Manager: Mrs Russell 
It is wonderful to see the children settle in so well into school life! The children have been working really hard to remember all of the new routines, and are learning our school rules, which have been adapted from the school's Super 7 rules:

We are kind, helpful and look after each other.
We look after our classrooms and school.
We listen carefully.
We are polite and respectful.
We try our best. 

This term so far...

Our book this term is called “Stanley’s Stick". Throughout the story, Stanley chooses his stick to become different things – such as a dinosaur, a fishing rod and a rocket! We’ll also be exploring the themes that appear in the story further (dinosaurs and Space!).

Our Space project will begin towards the end of the term. Your child will be taking part in their astronaut training day on Friday 8th February, where they will get to experience what it feels like to be inside a rocket!

Look at what we've been up to!
Upcoming Events...

8.2.19 - Astronaut Training Day (astronaut costumes!) & astrodome visiting school

 12.2.19 - Gosling parent meetings
12.2.19 - School nurse in for FS  
13.2.19 - Owlet parent meetings
13.2.19 - Parents invited in for number activities at 2:15pm
14.2.19- Cygnet parent meetings

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