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Welcome to Year Four!
Gecko Class
Miss Lloyd (Head of Year)
Mrs Armstrong
Crocodile Class 
Mrs Oseni
Miss King 
Chameleon Class
Mr Wintle
Mrs Boswell
Mrs Dowdall 

Important Contacts:

Mrs Russell - Office Manager

Mrs Cairns and Mrs Collins - SENco
Mrs Cairns and Mrs Park - DSL 

Welcome to Year 4! In Year 4 we strive to provide children with new and exciting learning experiences which they are fully engaged in and enjoy. We have lots of new projects this year and a few surprises along the way, beginning with 'Dragon Academy.'

A few reminders ...

Each child will need a named PE kit suitable for indoor and outdoor PE sessions. Our indoor PE sessions will take place every Monday and outdoor PE sessions will be on a Tuesday.

Indoor Kit:
 - Shorts
 - T- Shirt (House team colour)
 - Plimsolls or trainers.
Outdoor Kit:
- Tracksuit bottoms
- Sweatshirt
- Plimsolls or trainers. 
Outdoor learning sessions will also continue this year and you will be notified in advance. For this day children will need suitable clothing for being outdoors all day and do not mind getting dirty. These sessions will take place, despite the Great British Weather!
We really value the importance of reading at home and recognise the positive effect it has on the children's learning in school. We aim to promote and encourage children's enjoyment in reading and really appreciate your support. We would like children to read at home at least three times a week, with an adult signature in their reading record books. Children will continue to be rewarded for this in school.
Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due into school on the following Wednesday. Homework will always be related to what the children have already learnt, or will be learning at school. Children should spend 30 minutes of each piece of homework.
Are you Ready? Are you Respectful? Are you Safe?
These are the new questions we are asking the children to consider throughout the school day. If the child can answer yes to all three, they are showing the best behaviour to achieve maximum learning. 



What have we been up to? 

Term 1
Dragon Academy 
We were incredibly surprised to begin our year with the arrival of a mysterious egg in each of the Year 4 classrooms! This kick started our project 'Dragon Academy' where we have based our learning around the exciting story 'How to Train your Dragon' by Cressida Cowell. We are incredibly impressed by the children's enthusiasm towards this project and are pleased with the work which has been produced, including the children's very own 'Top Trump' cards. The children will be continuing to develop their descriptive writing throughout the term, as well as their sentence structure.
This term in maths we have been learning about the place value of 4-digit numbers, including ordering and comparing numbers and rounding 4-digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  We have also begun adding and subtracting with 4-digit numbers. We will be continuing with this throughout the term.
Power of Reading
Our Power of Reading text this term is called 'Hot Like Fire' by Valerie Bloom and is a book of poetry. The children have been able to explore different types of poetry, identify their features, write their own as well as create performances. 
We have recently implemented a new assessment system called 'Balance.' This asks the children to be self reflective and be a part of the assessment process, becoming more involved in their next steps in learning. We use a 1-9 scale which is displayed as a dial in each classroom and will be using this in all areas of learning. This encourages the children to recognise their learning as an independent journey. 
Term 2
Raiders of the British Isles 
This term began with the children becoming historians in their own right, piecing together clues to identify which period of history we would be learning about. Once the children had identified that all of the artefacts were from the Anglo-Saxon period we started looking at where they came from and why. 
We are studying the story of 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' through The Power of Reading this term which will lead us into Viking myths and legends. 
We will be continuing with our 'Friday Project' this term where the children will be creating lots of their own art and artefacts, including a model of a Viking long boat. 
Term 3
From Strength to Strength
This term the children will be learning about electricity using the story 'The Iron Man' as our inspiration. They will use the story to discuss feelings, emotions and motives. They will also be looking at descriptive phrases and using them to develop this skill further.
They will be looking at how to make a circuit work and electrical safety.
In Power of Reading we are using the text 'Mouse Bird Snake Wolf'.
Friday Project will continue, with each class making their very own Iron Man. Thank you to all of you who sent in your 'junk'. 


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