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REMINDER - CHILDREN TO WEAR SCHOOL UNIFORM TOMORROW BUT MAY SUBSTITUTE THEIR SCHOOL JUMPER/CARDIGAN FOR A CHRISTMAS JUMPER. . .                                                                                                                                                            
Welcome to Year Five!

The year 5 team decided it was time to change our names this year ready for the fresh start ahead. After much debate, we decided we should name our classes after big cats, continuing of course to stick with our mammals theme. During our first week back, we will learning more about these fantastic animals and decorating our classrooms with the children’s artwork which they will create. 


Miss Edgley – Tiger Class

Head of Year 5

Assistant Head

Mrs Sampson – Teaching assistant 1:1

Miss Wood – Teaching assistant 

Mr Jones – Lion Class

Class teacher 

Mrs Hosking – Teaching assistant



Mr McDonald – Jaguar Class

Class Teacher 

Mrs Tomlin – Teaching assistant



Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Carins and Mrs Park
SENCO: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Collins
Office Manager: Mrs Russell

Expectations in Year 5

The Year 5 team would like to welcome you all to a very exciting time in your school lives as you join upper key stage 2. As the children move into Year 5, the expectations and responsibilities increase, with a greater emphasis on independent learning. After feedback from our previous Year 5 pupils, we have worked hard to ensure we will be delivering exciting and engaging topics. Our aim is to inspire pupils through more ‘wow moments’ throughout the year which we hope will support pupils to achieve to their full potential and engage them with their learning.

As pupils join upper key stage 2, the National Curriculum demands increase too. Reading is a key life skill and supports all literacy skills. In Year 5, we take reading very seriously and our expectations of pupils are as follows:
  •  You should read at home five times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes. Three should be out loud to an adult and the other two can be independent.
  • Reading should be recorded in your reading record and must be signed by an adult.
  • Reading records should be handed in every Monday morning for an adult to sign off. Pupils who hand their record in on time will be rewarded with credits to spend at the credit shop.

If a child is unable to read 5 times a week, they will be supported and read to a member of staff during break or lunch time for 20 minutes.



Pupils will be set homework every week. Homework will be set every Friday and due in the following Wednesday. The guidelines are as follows:

  • One Topic piece of homework will be set.
  • One Maths piece of homework will be set.
  • 10 Spellings where scores will be recorded and credits rewarded.
  • Pupils should spend a maximum of 30 minutes on each piece of their homework.
  • If pupils are finding their homework difficult, they should not stress. Ask your class teacher for help. We won’t be cross if you don’t understand.
  • If homework is not completed or is late, pupils will be supported while they complete their homework during their lunchtime.
Term 2 Homework
Week 1 - Use the hieroglyphics sheet provided to write a sentence about ancient Egypt.
               Your learning partner will decode your sentence in class.
               A copy of the sheet is at the bottom of this page.  This is due in Wednesday as usual.
Week 1 - Maths - Due to art day on Friday, we were unable to go to maths groups to set homework.
               Therefore, children will receive homework on Monday and will have until Friday to complete it. 
Week 2 - Evaluate the educational visit to Kent Life
Week 2 - Maths - Different homework per group 
Week 3 - Topic - Relative Clauses sheet.
Week 3 - Maths - Miss Edgley's group - Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 
                Maths - Mr Jones' group - Homework book pages 24 and 25 - Long multiplication.
                Maths - Mr McDonald's group - Homework book pages 22 and 23 - Long multiplication
Week 4 - Using their knowledge on mechanisms, the children will create a Marvellous Machine of their own.
Week 4 - Maths - Mr Jones' group - The children have been given a sheet.
               Maths - Mr McDonald's group - Page 26 in the homework book.
               Maths - Miss Edgley's group - Page 25 in the homework book.
Week 5 - No homework was set due to the urgent school closure.
                Please make sure you continue to read regularly (at least five times each week - three times to an adult).
                You could also use the time to practice your times tables and term two spellings.
                We look forward to seeing you all again on Monday.
Week 6 - We will be setting a Christmas holiday homework pack on Monday next week.
                This will allow for lots of festive tasks and some good deeds.  Happy holidays!
Upcoming Events
Thursday 13th December             Christmas Market outside School at the end of the school day.
Tuesday 18th December              Year 5 Christmas Party pm
                                                          No food needed, party clothes optional for a quick change after lunch.
Wednesday 19th December         Last day of Term - 2.00 finish so you can get away for the festive break. 
Dates for the diary
Wednesday 19th December          End of term 2 - 2.00 finish
Monday 7th January                       Children return after the break
Wednesday 24th April 2019          Year 5 trip to Greenwich Royal Observatory (Details to follow in the new year)



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