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Welcome to Year Five!

In Year 5 we have named our classes after mammals. After much thought, the class teachers decided to have a further theme, of mammals found in Africa. We used our 'Meet the Teacher' lessons to find out a little more about our animals, before starting the academic year. 

Rhino Class
Miss Cook
Head of Year 
Giraffe Class 
Miss Edgely
Lion Class
Mr Jones
 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Stapley, Mrs Boswell and Miss King

As the children move into Year 5 the expectations and responsibilities increase, with a greater emphasis on independent learning.  Pupils will engage in a range of topics, including some of the following: The Matchbox Diary, Egyptians, Out of this World, Circle of Life and Survival of the Fittest to name but a few!  Some of these topics, will use our Power of Reading texts as our focus, allowing pupils opportunities to enjoy reading through a range of engaging activities.  There will be educational visits both locally and further afield, for example we go to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

After making a fantastic start to the year, we hope that the pupils continue with their high work ethic and take opportunities to celebrate in their successes both in and out of school. 

This year so far...
 Term 1: The Matchbox Diary
The year has started with our new project based on the story The Matchbox Diary by Paul Fleischman.  The children were hooked into the story with a scavenger hunt around school, looking for matchboxes containing clues about each of the teachers in the year group.  This was closely followed by immersing the children in poetry and the language used to create imagery (similes, metaphors and personification).  After this, the children found themselves writing informal letters as the grandfather (as a boy), the father and the grandmother about the journey from Italy to America by steamship at the start of the 20th Century.  The pupils had a chance to develop their self portrait skills, by creating an image of themselves using only brown paint, to create a picture in the style of the past (sepia).  They also created matchboxes which showed a good memory from their past. 
As the story focuses on memories, and in PSHE we have been discussing kindness, the children spent an afternoon entertaining visitors from AgedUK. They provided tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes for our visitors.  The pupils (and families) were very generous in the cakes the donated for the afternoon.  Both the children and visitors enjoyed the experience, and got to share their memories with each other, as well as being kind to others. 

Upcoming Events...
AgedUK will be enjoying afternoon tea with Year 5 on the following afternoons: Tuesday 26th September, Wednesday 27th September and Friday 29th September.
Thursday 19th October: Year 5 production to parents (evening performance at 6:30pm) 
Upcoming Documents and Links...
 Term 1 Year 5 2017-2018 - Newsletter.pdf
This is what Year 5 did last year...
Term 1
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a knight riding on horseback and protecting your monarch?  Well, Year 5 pupils soon found out what it would be like to be a knight in training.Once they had written their Code of Conduct and agreed to several years of hard training (condensed into a few short weeks), they started their journey as a page, before rising to a squire, before kneeling down in front of Lord Jones (on behalf of King Moir) and becoming an official knight of Park Wood!  They documented their journey by writing several diaries, which expressed their hopes about the future and their feelings about becoming a knight.  In addition, their training allowed them to develop their abilities with a bow and arrow, with an archery lesson.  This was soon followed by a visit to a local riding centre to develop their skills at riding a horse, as well as learning the basics of jousting.

The term continued with a new topic to Year 5, entitled ‘Ring o’ Ring o’ Roses’.  During this topic we remained in the past, but looked more closely at significant event in history.  

The children found themselves in quarantine if considered to have developed the plague. Pupils then seemed to develop a white powder on themselves, as class teachers started to spread the disease (talcum powder left a handy trail around the classroom). Activities have included writing a doctors note explaining their symptoms and a helpful leaflet on how to cure yourself from the plague (with remedies which were rather obscure – rubbing a chicken’s bottom on your armpit!). As well as a non-chronological report all about the Black Death and the Great Plague, before finally making a model of London in 1666 before the Great Fire and then burning it!

Term 2

After a quick break during half term we began our new topic of Ancient Egyptians starting with a hieroglyphic trail. We explored Ancient Egypt looking at its landscapes and location using atlases. In small groups we researched the importance of the River Nile and created information posters to show our learning. We took the children's learning further by looking at Egyptian farming and exploring the use of levers, mechanisms and water resistance. The children created a shaduf to show the effect a leaver has when transferring a weight. Next came the gory bit - mummification! The children learnt about the process of mummification, mummified a member of the class and designed their own coffins and sarcophagi. Using a range of art and DT skills they then made these in class using clay and wood. We finished our topic by writing a story about the discovery of Tutankhamun thinking specifically about our senses for more description. 

The term finished with the arrival of enterprise week where the children mixed as a year group and had the opportunity to research, design and make a product to sell at the Christmas fayre. This was a big success and the finished products were to a very high standard. By the end of term it’s fair to say we were all exhausted and in need of a well-deserved break.


Term 3

The term began with our whole school project ‘Roll with Dahl’. Year 5 spent a week immersing themselves in The BFG and ‘The Three Little Pigs’ (taken from Revolting Rhymes).  Pupils wrote character description and prosecution statements, accusing the 3 Little Pigs of killing the wolf. They considered how characters in the story The BFG made the Big Friendly Giant feel, and why we shouldn’t judge people by first impressions. Pupils arrived on Friday in a variety of amazing costumes, dressed as one of Roald Dalh’s many characters.


The term continued with a new topic ‘Out of this World’ which began with a geography focus, as we looked at the environments here on planet Earth, before taking a science based edge, and studied our Earth, Sun and Moon, as well as our Solar System. The children learnt about the shape and relative size of the Earth, Sun and Moon; the movement of the Earth and moon in relation to each other; how the Earth spins and moves around the sun and why the moon appears to change shape in our sky. Pupils also considered what it would be like to travel into space, and looked at news coverage of Major Tim Peake travelling to the International Space Station, before writing their own first person account.

Term 4
This term we have continued with our topic 'Out of this World', with a trip to the Greenwich Royal Observatory, to conclude the pupils learning of Earth, Sun and Moon.  It was fantastic to see how much the pupils had learnt in class, as they answered questions from the experts at the centre.  They also, found out new information from the astrologists, through their presentations both in the workshop and in the planetarium.  We were really proud with the behaviour of the year group, throughout the day.
However, for the remainder of this term we have moved away from fact and more towards fiction, as pupils wrote their own science fiction stories.  As we have been reading 'Cosmic' in our Power of Reading lessons, we used this as our stimulus for writing our own stories.  Our main character would be telling their story from their point of view, having found themselves stranded on a spaceship for 20 years (similar to Liam in Cosmic who was stuck in space).  They then had to return to the beginning of their story, having started at the end, to recount the events leading up to being stranded.  Each pupil has written a chapter describing their spacecraft, take off, being in battle with an alien spaceship, crash landing on a mysterious planet in another galaxy, before finally returning home or being lost forever!  In addition, pupils have designed their spacecraft and their alien planet in their topic books, which then informed their stories.
The term will conclude with an RE focus week, as we look at how different religions perform worship.  This will conclude with a visit (early next term) from Aged UK, when our pupils entertain some local older people in the community, as part of the religious beliefs being taught of helping others. 

Year 5 Shared Area – Almost Complete!

Fantastic news for Year 5 pupils … the first stage of your shared area is nearly completed!


As you may know, the entrance of the school has been moved, which left a very plain, empty space behind, which was one shade of magnolia! The Year 5 staff decided to make use of the vacant area, with the agreement of the Senior Leaders, who asked that we make it an area unique for our Year 5 pupils, as members of the upper school. So, we started to get creative! Using what materials we had around school initially, we decided to create a new Year 5 library, using the old bookcases, but with a new look. Also, chairs were taken from the infants and turned into a sofa. 


We also approached the local B & Q store, to ask for any materials, as they run a community based scheme for schools and charities. Also, a very helpful parent of a pupil in Year 5 works there, so was able to kindly get us some additional materials for free. We are very grateful to B and Q for providing lots of paint, wood, cushions and throws to make the Year 5 area so colourful and welcoming. It is through their donations that we have benches for pupils to sit on, whilst reading or working with staff in the learning zone part of the shared area, as well as paint each wall a different colour to brighten up the space and make it feel child friendly.


Furthermore, the actual competition of the area, would have only been possible with the skills and hard work of one of our Year 5 TA (Mr Bowdery). Who alongside working in class supporting pupils, has also spent many hours transforming the space into a working area for our pupils. Thank you to Mr Bowdery! 


Our Year 5’s are really excited about using their unique space. 

These pictures are only of the first stage of the transformation, as work continues on developing an further learning space outside Rhino classroom.

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