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Welcome to Year One!
Ladybird Class
Miss Parsons
Dragonfly Class 
Mr Davis  (Year Leader)
Caterpillar Class
Mrs Douglas/Mrs Macias
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dowdall, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Puplett
Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Park
SENCO: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Collins
Office Manager: Mrs Russell 

Year One is such an exciting and busy year! The children work extremely hard throughout the day covering a number of different subjects linked to our exciting topics. They also have daily phonic sessions through Read, Write, Inc. along with Power of Reading where we look in depth at different texts. We also have maths sessions daily where the children learn a range of mathematical concepts and develop their problem solving skills. Each week we have two sessions of P.E. These are normally on the same days but please ensure your child has their full P.E. kit in school at all times.


Changes to online learning 

We have listened to what parents have said about the setting of school work, and for the next week we will direct you to the BBC bitesize website for your home learning.

This has been trialled in some year/maths groups and the response has been very positive.

Each day, you will be given English, Maths and another subject (for a bit of variety). You can choose which order you do the subjects in.  Teachers really like to see your work and read your emails so please try to check-in at least once a week using your year group email (Remember to label the email with your teacher’s name).

Many of the teachers will be in school or getting things ready for school from now on, but if you need help with your work during the school day Mrs Douglas and Mrs Macias will be online to help you. 

You can still contact Mr Davis and Miss Parsons using the year group email.  However, as they will be doing other things for most of the day, you may need to wait a little while for them to reply.  They are still very keen to see photographs of the lovely things you are doing at home and to just to catch up on how you are feeling.  

1.    Go to the website.


 2.    Scroll down to choose the correct year group’s work


 3.    Attempt the work for the correct date.

 4.  When you email the with your homework today (Wednesday), can you please also let us know how you feel about the online worksheets from before half term and the BBC bitesize this week.  Just a quick sentence to say which is best for you.  On Thursday we will look at all the emails about the work from the whole school and decide what is the best going forward.
Wow Moments!
Scarlett has been very helpful in the garden helping her mummy! She saved the seeds from her tomatoes and peppers and planted them. Look how much they have grown in just a few weeks! Wow! This is amazing Scarlett!
Emily has made a brilliant art collage using natural resources she has found. What an excellent cat picture Emily. Well done!
Well done to Max for learning to ride his bike without stabilisers over the Easter break. This is amazing Max! What a brilliant achievement!
Sienna's Mummy wondered what she was doing in her room, when she came down with this lovely letter to the NHS!  I agree Sienna, the NHS are doing an amazing job looking after everyone.  All of you are also doing a super job by staying safe at home!
Kaitlyn has been working hard to write her Jack and the Beasnstalk story and created these fabulous models to go with it.  Well done Kaitlyn! 
Kayden has been really trying with his handwriting.  It is now a much better size and even has some 'kicks and flicks'.  Well done Kayden!
A big well done to Eli for learning to ride his bike without stabilisers at the weekend! This is an amazing achievement!
Emma has been very busy making her own dolls house. She had a lovely idea to put a rainbow in the window, just like so many of our houses have at the moment.
Zadok has been working very hard on using adjectives in his writing. He has used some brilliant words when describing St George and the dragon. Wow! 
 Olivia has been very busy making amazing flags for Earth Day. She also makes a fantastic knight with her sword and shield she made for St George's Day. Very creative. Well done Olivia!
 Sehaj has been busy making a brilliant beanstalk using objects around her home. Wow! Well done Sehaj!
Josie has also made a fantastic beanstalk and castle with her mummy. We think the castle is very impressive and Jack looks great at the top of the beanstalk. Well done Josie!
We have another amazing beanstalk! What a brilliant cow too! This is very impressive. Well done Sam!
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