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Welcome to Year Two!
Robin Class
Mrs Burford and Mrs Stubbs
Puffin Class 
Mrs Orridge and Mrs Miller
Woodpecker Class
Mrs Randall
 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Tilley, Mrs Dowdall, Mrs Wentworth, Mrs Millward, Mrs Stapley
 Office Manager: Mrs Russell
SENCo: Mrs Cairns/Mrs Collins
Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Cairns/Mrs Park 
 Some messages from your teachers.
Half Term
What a busy Term 5 we had! 
Thank you for all your hard work, we have loved seeing all your emails and WOW moments.
This week (25th May - 29th May) is half term, so no work will be set this week, please have a wonderful break. 

Changes to online learning 

We have listened to what parents have said about the setting of school work, and for the next few weeks we will direct you to the BBC bitesize website for your home learning. 

This has been trialled in some year/maths groups and the response has been very positive. 

Each day, you will be given English, Maths and another subject (for a bit of variety). You can choose which order you do the subjects in.  Teachers really like to see your work and read your emails so please try to check-in at least once a week using your year group email (Remember to label the email with your teacher’s name). 

Many of the teachers will be in school or getting things ready for school from now on, but if you need help with your work during the school day Mrs Orridge, Mrs Mason & Mrs Wintle will be online to help you.  

You can still contact Mrs Randall, Mrs Miller, Mrs Burford and Mrs Stubbs using the year group email.  However, as they will be doing other things for most of the day, you may need to wait a little while for them to reply.  They are still very keen to see photographs of the lovely things you are doing at home and to just to catch up on how you are feeling.    

1.    Go to the website.

 2.    Scroll down to choose the correct year group’s work


 3.    Attempt the work for the correct date.

 4. When you email your work today (Wednesday 3rd), can you please also let us know how you feel about the online worksheets from before half term and the BBC bitesize this week.  Just a quick sentence to say which is best for you.  On Thursday we will look at all the emails about the work from the whole school and decide what is the best going forward.
What a Wonderful Idea!
We have had some fantastic emails over the last few months with many great ideas of craft and ways to remind ourselves of our friends and family.
We would like to share a couple of ideas which we hope you might like to try out and send back to us.
Any sent will be published on the Year 2 web page as a mini-collage, so please confirm if you give your permission with the email.
Callie, inspired by the fact that we were meant to have class photos this week, thought of a wonderful idea to write the names of the children in her class on bricks while she stood in the middle.
This really sends a beautiful message of how much we are all missing each other!
 Ruby and her sister Lily decided to write the things that were troubling them on a piece of paper and pop it into a balloon.
They then let it go and away their troubles bobbed away.
Might be a nice idea to try if any children feel the same way.

WOW Photos  - refreshed every week
Here are some photos sent to us while we stay safe at home! 
Keep sending us updates, we love to hear from you all!
 Mia                                                                                 Bella
 Wonderful letter Mia, you have done a super job!     What a yummy looking bar of chocolate you've designed and made!
 A spot of gardening along with some maths and writing, well done!
Nothing like a bit of gardening.. and then a bathe in the sun - lucky girl!
     How busy you have been!  Camping for cubs and beavers, puzzling fun with tangrams, big swings and video chats with friends,    
 You look as proud as punch with your work - a very well done young lady.
A spot of gardening and some crafts - looks like fun Daisy! 
Welcome to the your new home guineas!  Fabulous news Ella! 
We have devised a list of websites that could be useful to support your children in the coming weeks. 
All of these websites have currently got free resources to use at home that are suitable for Year 2.

Twinkl - 'Easy-to-find' activities, worksheets and teaching tools across all subjects, year groups and abilities.        

Primary Resources - Plentiful, varied activities across all school subjects.

White Rose maths - Lesson-style, challenging teaching videos and worksheets.  

2simple - offering a free trial during this home learning period.       

Minecraft: Education Edition - For fun, free resources to compliment their Minecraft World. 

Scholastic - Primarily a store to buy books, but home learning resources currently free.   

Oxford Reading Owl - Free resources to support home learning, including e-books.

Topmarks - Free online games   - Some resources are free without a subscription.  Sign-up required.        

Phonicplay - Fun, free online education games used in school       

Woodlands primary schools
At school                   
Primary Games 
The children can also have a go at some of these activities if they wish...

Year 2 is an important year for the children; they are in their final year of Key Stage 1 and are becoming confident, independent learners. 


This is an exciting time for your child's reading development. Their fluency will improve and they will develop strategies that will help them show greater understanding of what they are reading

New responsibilities are given to Year 2 children and one of the opportunities they are given is becoming a Playground Buddy. A Buddy's job is to act as a supportive role model to the younger children in the school during lunch and break times. 

The children start to be rewarded using the school credit dot system where they are rewarded for good behaviour, effort and attainment. They are then able to 'spend' their credits on various treats throughout the term.
The Year 2 Curriculum Overview can be found here:
Useful Documents already sent via ParentMail:



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