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Welcome to Year Two!
Robin Class
Mrs Burford and Mrs Stubbs
Puffin Class 
Mrs Orridge and Mrs Miller
Woodpecker Class
Mrs Randall
 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Tilley, Mrs Dowdall, Mrs Wentworth, Mrs Millward, Mrs Stapley
 Office Manager: Mrs Russell
SENCo: Mrs Cairns/Mrs Collins
Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Cairns/Mrs Park 
Self-Isolation/School Closure Homework 
Here are some activities the Year 2 children could do if they are well enough to do so.
We will put new work on here daily. You may need to click 'allow' after opening and 'enable editing' for Word documents.
Each day will have 3 pieces of work per child: 1 maths, 1 reading and 1 writing/SPAG/Topic focus.
Homework Guidance will be available at the beginning of each day.
The sheets are for each ability group according to the teacher(s) of that group. 
We have 2 different groups: writing groups and maths groups.  We have used a shape name for each teacher:
Mrs Randall's Writing or Maths Group - Circles (or 1 star challenge)
Mrs Stubbs and Mrs Burford's Writing or Maths Group - Triangles (or 2 stars challenge)
Mrs Orridge and Mrs Miller's Writing or Math Group - Squares (or 3 stars challenge)
Stars - An extension for Squares
 We wish all children health and happiness in the coming weeks.
How will we upload work:
Work will continue to be uploaded every night for the following day.  Homework is now being uploaded as both a Word document and a PDF to allow as many parents to have access to the homework as possible.  If viewing from an iPad, tablet or mobile phone; PDFs should be viewable.  Word documents are good if you want to be able to type into the document on a LAPTOP/PC.  Word documents require Microsoft Office, so may not be viewable on a mobile phone, pad or tablet. 
How can I send work back to school?
Many parents would like to send work back to the school.  This is lovely and we can see how they are getting on!
Follow these useful steps:
1) Save any electronic work (or photographs of work if you wish) with your child's class, name, date and subject (e.g. Puffin John Smith 19.03.2020 Reading Task) so it can be easily saved onto our work computers.  
2) Email the work to the year group email:
3) When emailing, put the same details as the saved work in the email subject field.
I am having problems with uploaded work, what do I do? 
Email the Year 2 team on will check the emails regularly between the hours of 9am - 3pm Monday to Friday.
Friday 27th March 2020
Thursday 26th March 2020 
Wednesday 25th March 2020
Tuesday 24th March 2020
Monday 23rd March 2020
Writing - Gruffalo Character Description - All Groups - PDF  
We have devised a list of websites that could be useful to support your children in the coming weeks.  All of these websites have currently got free resources to use at home.


Primary Resources 

White Rose maths 


Minecraft: Education Edition



Oxford Reading Owl





Woodlands primary  schools
Primary Games 
The children can also have a go at some of these activities if they wish...
Home-Schooling Community Board (Our learning at home in pictures!) 
We hope to add some pics of the children's fun activities that they have been doing at home... (we will let you know when we can start doing this)

Year 2 is an important year for the children; they are in their final year of Key Stage 1 and are becoming confident, independent learners. 


This is an exciting time for your child's reading development. Their fluency will improve and they will develop strategies that will help them show greater understanding of what they are reading

New responsibilities are given to Year 2 children and one of the opportunities they are given is becoming a Playground Buddy. A Buddy's job is to act as a supportive role model to the younger children in the school during lunch and break times. 

The children start to be rewarded using the school credit dot system where they are rewarded for good behaviour, effort and attainment. They are then able to 'spend' their credits on various treats throughout the term.
The Year 2 Curriculum Overview can be found here:
Useful Documents already sent via ParentMail:

Term 1 Robots

We are enjoying our time in Year 2! This term we are making robots from various construction kits and different types of shiny paper. Investigations into different types of materials are taking place and we are experimenting to find out which materials are best for a particular job. 
Term 2 Amazing Africa
 Our topic work will concentrate on the continents and oceans of the world. We will compare Kenya to our own country and learn about the journey of a cocoa bean. The children will  get to taste different types of chocolate!
Term 3 Olga Da Polga 
Based around the novel, Olga Da Polga, Year 2 will explore living things and their habitats.  Year 2 will have an animal handling experience with River, who will bring in his rodents and reptiles for us to see.
Term 4 The Great Fire of London 
The children will have great fun re-living The Great Fire of London. We hope to have the Rainbow Theatre visit us for a workshop in which all the children will be involved. We will look at Tudor housing and try drawing and creating collages in this style.  Alongside this,the children will have the opportunity to design and make a clay plate or vase in the style of Clarice Cliff.
Term 5 The Diary of a Killer Cat
Term 6 Pirates 
Look at what we've been up to!






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