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Welcome to Year Four!

Gecko Class
Mrs Judd(Head of Year)
Mrs Boswell
Crocodile Class 
Mrs Oseni
Mrs Armstrong 
Chameleon Class
Miss Moore
Mrs Walker

Important Contacts:

Mrs Russell - Office Manager

Mrs Cairns and Mrs Collins - SENco
Mrs Cairns and Mrs Park - DSL 

Welcome to the Year 4 section of our website! In Year 4 we strive to provide children with new and exciting learning experiences which they are fully engaged in and enjoy. We have lots of new projects this year and a few surprises along the way.

Year 4 children should be reading 5x a week with an adult signature. 
Welcome to Term 6. We hope you had a great Half Term break. We'd love to hear what you have been up to. Feel free to send us some photos of what you have been doing to:
Here are some messages from the Year 4 team.
Hi All,                                                              Hi Year 4,                                        Hi,
Well done for the fantastic work you have     Thanks for all the work you             You are all doing a brilliant job by staying in and 
been doing.                                                    are doing, the photos you               protecting the NHS.
Stay in, stay safe and keep smiling!              are sending and for the smiles        Keep safe and take care. We will see each other again
Best wishes,                                                  you are putting on our faces.           soon!
Mrs Oseni                                                      I can't wait until we are back            Miss Moore
                                                                      together again!
                                                                      Stay safe,
                                                                      Mrs Judd 
 Stay safe and healthy at home                           Be good, miss you all, stay safe.           To all the children.
 with your families.                                               From                                                         I hope you and your families are safe and well
 After this strange time, we will                            Mrs Boswell                                           and you're enjoying spending quality time 
 see each other again.                                                                                                           together. I know things have been a bit 
 Face your new way of learning                                                                                            different lately, but you're our superheroes 
 and definitely have some fun.                                                                                              fighting through these tougher times.
 Enjoy new activities, such as                                                                                                I'm looking forward to seeing you all again 
cooking. We all like to eat cakes/                                                                                          very soon.
treats.                                                                                                                                      Stay safe, well and healthy.
From                                                                                                                                        From
Mrs Armstrong                                                                                                                        Mrs Walker

Changes to online learning 

We have listened to what parents have said about the setting of school work, and for the next few weeks we will direct you to the BBC bitesize website for your home learning.

This has been trialled in some year/maths groups and the response has been very positive.

Each day, you will be given English, Maths and another subject (for a bit of variety). You can choose which order you do the subjects in.  Teachers really like to see your work and read your emails so please try to check-in at least once a week using your year group email (Remember to label the email with your teacher’s name).

Many of the teachers will be in school or getting things ready for school from now on, but if you need help with your work during the school day Mrs Oseni will be online to help you. 

You can still contact Mrs Judd and Miss Moore using your year group email.  However, as they will be doing other things for most of the day, you may need to wait a little while for them to reply.  They are still very keen to see photographs of the lovely things you are doing at home and to just to catch up on how you are feeling. Please see below for your photos.

1.    Go to the website.


 2.    Scroll down to choose the correct year group’s work


 3. Attempt the work for the correct date.

 4. When you email your work today (Wednesday 3rd), can you please also let us know how you feel about the online worksheets from before half term and the BBC bitesize this week.  Just a quick sentence to say which is best for you.  On Thursday we will look at all the emails about the work from the whole school and decide what is the best going forward. 

Photos from our half term: