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Eagle Class
Miss Edgley
(Assistant Head)
Falcon Class 
Mr Long
(Year Lead)
Mrs Frank (Class TA) 
Mrs Bunting (TA) 
Hawk Class
Miss Magner
Mrs Wood
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Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Carins and Mrs Park
SENCO: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Collins
Office Manager: Mrs Russell

Welcome to one of the most exciting years of your primary school experience; we are thrilled to be sharing it with you! Although Year 6 is a demanding year in terms of what you need to achieve academically, there are many exciting learning experiences to be had along the way. Before we reach the end of the year, we hope you will be ready for your secondary school education. 


Reading is the key to unlock many doors and should be taken very seriously.  Year 6 expectations are as follows:

-       You should read at home five times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes.

-       Ask an adult to sign your diary next to each reading.

-       Hand in your diary on a Monday to your teacher for signing off.


What will happen if I do not read five times a week?

It will be recorded by your teacher and you will catch up on your reading in your own time.  


Isolation Learning

Each day you will be set three pieces of homework:
1. Reading
2. SPaG or Writing
3. Maths
For lots of practical and fun ideas, please look at the supporting your child tab - in the curriculum section of the website.
There is also a link at the bottom of this page for the book Holes.  We are sure you will want to read it as you have been enjoying it so much at school.
There are also lots of photos to show some of the amazing things the children have been doing while home learning - Well done! 
If you still need last week's work, please email us at 
This week's work
Reading - Mr Long and Miss Edgley's Group - Complete pages 20 - 21 in your revision book
Answers will be available from 4pm on Monday.
Look what we have been up to!
Well done to Izzie, she has been baking and gardening! 
I can't wait to find out how the Oreo brownies tasted and seeing how well her fruit, veg and ornamental flowers grow.
Well done to Jack for creating such an amazing poem and well done to Bethany for creating these beautiful cakes. Excellent work!
London has also been baking, a shepherds pie!  Joe's family are holding their own sporting competitions everyday (with a medal ceremony - we are just struggling to get this on the website at the moment) and Taylor has written two chapters of her own book!
Connor has been thanking our NHS for all their hard work, such a lovely idea! Shay has made a lovely pineapple cake, Yum!



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